Little Pup. Big Personality. This is Dexter's Ruff Life!

Welcome to Dexter's Ruff Life!

Dexter is a little pup with a big personality. He is an adorable little Yorkie who has a wonderfully refreshing, quirky and surprisingly astute view of the "hooman" world.  After looking into his puppy dog eyes, you will find it hard NOT to fall in love with this little guy!

Dexter and his sister Peppermint star in their own webseries on YouTube with new short episodes (his fans lovingly call "Dextersodes") released a few times a month. His curiosity about the "hooman" world leads to many funny, quirky and even thought provoking moments; not only for Dexter,

but for his hoomans and audience as well!

Dexter's Ruff Life strives to be a cute and humorous oasis in a somtimes less than ideal world. Everyone can use more smiles and we all need to remember to take time to laugh! Take a look around the site
and see all that this tiny, talented pup has
to offer!

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